Apex Clean Energy Announces Launch of Alder Creek Solar Community Grant Program

Grants will support programs and organizations serving the Towns of Boonville, Forestport, and Oneida County in the areas of public health, economic development, sustainability, and education

ALDER CREEK, NY – Apex Clean Energy is announcing the launch of the Alder Creek Solar Community Grant Program. The program will award funds to organizations and projects in the Towns of Boonville, Forestport, and Oneida County.

One of Alder Creek Solar's primary goals is to be a strong community partner and establish long-term relationships with local residents. At a time when community organizations may see an increased need for supportive services, the Community Grant Program will enable Alder Creek Solar to contribute towards pressing community needs and make a meaningful impact.

“This is a difficult time for all New Yorkers and we want to step up and do what we can to support short-term needs and long-term investments in both Boonville and Forestport,” said Carmen O’Keefe, Project Developer for Alder Creek Solar and a New York native. “This grant program gives us a meaningful way to support the things that these communities decide they need most.”

Grants will be available to any individual, group, or organization working within the Towns of Boonville, Forestport, and greater Oneida County to make a positive difference in one or more of four key areas: building healthy communities; economic development; environmental sustainability; and promoting education. These four categories align with the core values of Apex Clean Energy.

Grants will be awarded in two rounds for 2020 (Spring and Fall). Applicants should be non-profit organizations that are making an impact in the listed areas of focus. The application period for the first round of community grants will close on April 30th, though grants may be awarded prior to that date based on need. While not all applicants will receive support in the program’s first cycle, priority will be given to grants that demonstrate meaningful ways of achieving their stated objective and make a positive difference in the lives of the greatest number of area residents.

If you are interested in applying, please visit www.aldercreeksolar.com/grant and encourage fellow residents and community organizations to apply.